September / 12 / 2016 12:12:43 PM

A square peg in a round hole.
Going east when the rest are going west.
Ideas that the world first thought crazy.
The dreamers. Out of the box thinkers.
Driven with passion.
The extraordinary…..........


That is what has changed the world . That is what has made the difference. To the entire body of human thought. And to business.

Maverick Advertising set in motion in the year 2005, with the idea of producing work that would make a conspicuous difference to various brands and transform them into enduring brands, that would not only stay in the minds of the consumers but also their hearts. Today, Maverick is a reputed, multi-faceted agency, known for creating brands, and known by the brands created - Motorola, Tupperware, Jaypee Greens, Somfy, Unicon, Reebok, Sony, TNS, Trek to name a few. Over the years, Maverick has built upon the experience of servicing clients with different profiles like consumer durables / non-durables, retail and even corporate, government and the public sector. Which in turn has bestowed Maverick with the proficiency to propel a wide spectrum of brands to top positions in the market place. Besides, drawing upon a strategic mix of young creative talent and seasoned marketing, production as well as media professionals, makes Maverick an effective communications partner. In fact, considering the clutter in the market, the Maverick Team, with its concerted endeavours, consistently thinks laterally and develops solutions that work and brands that stand out.

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