Momos Brand


  • Nomenclature
  • Brand Positioning
  • Launch Plan and Execution
  • Marketing Collateral Design
  • Cart Design
  • Content Communication
  • Creative Product Packaging
  • Emailers
  • Point of Sales Communication
  • Event Creatives & Collateral
  • Ideation and Conceptualization
  • Illustrations
  • Menu Design
  • Print Ad Campaign
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Product Packaging
  • Website Development

6 Pack Momos, an authentic Momos eatery, partnered with Maverick Innovations for its brand launch.

Working with “6 Pack Momos” was great fun. We got complete freedom to experiment and the results were exceptional. We looked after the overall brand marketing; offline, online, and brand launch activity.

Momo-Ries For Life!

Exciting things often come out of the blue. The story behind the concept “Momo-ries for life” is somewhat similar. We intended to send a message that “teasing taste buds once with authentic flavors will become a memory for a lifetime”. And guess what! We successfully did it with our incredible creative campaigns.

How we did it?

Each phase was developed from a critical standpoint. Maverick helped to launch the brand and positioned it to be unique, credible, healthy and fresh. A storytelling concept was designed to encourage consumer engagement which performed well in social channels.