Events & Exhibition Agency in Delhi, India

Products are built in a factory but brands are created in the mind. Exhibitions create an incredible brand, building better user experience and relationship. To become an extraordinary brand from an ordinary company requires an exceptional exhibition setup. We, at Maverick based in Delhi, India provide an exhibition setup that efficiently makes your brand speak for itself. From on-ground activation to event management, Maverick is a one-stop destination for your brand to create an identity in the market. Our marketing experts emphasize on making market campaigns that deliver your brand story to the audience, building trust and loyalty. We are highly experienced in creative designs that target, interest and create an impact on the audience adding significance to your brand identity.

Your brand must be able to create an impact on the audience’s mind to not just spread awareness through word of mouth but also boost sales promotion. We aim to lend a helping hand for you to create your brand identity.

We’ve executed several successful exhibition setups creating designs and booth ideas for clients all across India. Based in Delhi, India, Maverick promises to provide the best experience through exhibition setup to our clients.

On – Ground Activation

An essential part of any exhibition setup is on-ground activation. To construct a brand centred on user experience is no cakewalk. To bring awareness, boost engagement and enhance user experience is what we at Maverick, based in Delhi, India have been efficiently serving since 2005. We start off by a data and insight-driven strategy that provides visibility into consumer behaviour and engagement. We understand how important it is for a brand to engage with its audience so that it can provide a user-oriented experience. Better engagement not only enhances user-experience but also builds trust and loyalty in the audience for the brand. Our exhibition setups include high-tech strategies combined with interactive technology making your brand stand out in the crowd. We immerse your target audience in a real-time environment that grabs their attention, creating interest and desires, and ultimately making a mark, fast-tracking promotion.

Maverick Delhi, India makes brand engagement easy and fun, making word of mouth faster. Keeping in mind the power of digital and social media platforms, our on-ground activation helps brands rise above from the cluttered market space. We ace in providing an outstanding personal and customised experience that creates a buzz around your products. To build a better brand, one must bring a distinct and appealing positioning. Maintaining the uniqueness of your brand along with amplification of brand identity is what our clients appreciate in our excellent exhibition setups.

Event Management

Events are a great way to interact with your audience in any business. Interaction is the key. Want to plan incredible events to create a better user experience? Maverick, a 360-degree vision ad agency based in Delhi, India is the right place for you. We help you create and execute small as well as large personal and corporate events. Not just this, we plan and execute productive seminars, conferences, product launches, festivals, concerts and weddings. Avoid spending excessive time and money planning events that don’t get executed well, we got it strategically covered for you. From creating beautiful event collaterals, to marketing through the press, social media, and advertising, we have it all covered in our exhibition setups. We’ll help you publicize the event, and assist with the coordination. The right event advertising program attracts the demographic and attendees you want to your event, adds marketing reach for your sponsors and elevates the event brand for the client. Regular corporate events don’t just facilitate interaction with the general public, but also with the external publics of a brand.

Maverick at Delhi, India provides an A-Z guide for planning, scheduling, budgeting, site selection, acquiring necessary permits, arranging for speakers or entertainers, arranging decor, catering, event security, coordinating with third-party vendors, coordinating transportation and parking. Even informal events like birthdays, weddings and ceremonies require a lot of time and energy to be pulled off well. With Maverick Delhi, India in the picture, you’ve got nothing to worry about, we are here to do it all for you. Our exhibition setups got you!

An astonishing decor, drool-worthy food, excellent services along with effective planning, guest arrangements, and crowd-pulling is what makes an event extraordinary; Maverick based in Delhi, India is here to serve the best exhibition setups to our clients.

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