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  • Coffee Table Book

Zee TV is the flagship channel of Zee Entertainment Enterprises Ltd. Maverick Innovation, a creative ad agency in Delhi, partnered for storytelling.

Indian Culture and Beliefs were the two key factors that enabled our teams to accurately showcase and reflect what Zee TV is today: a connected brand, a contemporary classic.

Building Better India!

Zee TV celebrates the pride of delivering strong messages and driving positive change in society with the core aim to entertain viewers. Their Coffee Table Books reflected real-life stories that were inspired by people whose life’s mission is to inspire others.

What Did We Deliver?

We developed two Coffee Table Books for Zee, where we featured the entrepreneurs of Rajasthan, MP, and Chhattisgarh. Our creative team interviewed all of them, took still shots and direction to get the best photography angles, developed content, documented their entire journey, and later expressed them through design and words. It was their first and biggest successful ‘Coffee Table Book’ which received a special appreciation from Directors.