Public Relations

Public relations is a strategic communication method to establish a mutually beneficial relationship between companies and their publics. It opens doors of adequate opportunities to reach and connect with the general public, primarily through unpaid or unearned avenues – traditional media, social media, or speaking engagements. So, in a sense, its more of reaching everyone, than just to reach a paying customer.

As PR professionals, we work with various companies, startups, government to cultivate a story that portrays the client’s reputation, position, idea, product, or accomplishment in a positive light, all through creative and enticing storytelling concepts. Our PR specialists also play a crucial role in advising management on the best policy decisions or actions to take and conduct fundraising or networking events to help your audience understand your organisation’s goals and become loyal to your business.

So if you’re looking to hire an experienced and result-oriented PR support, we want you to know, that we are just a call away.

An Ambitious Creative Agency in Delhi

Maverick India was born in 2005, a time when cellphones were becoming extremely popular in India and the possibility of a “website” organization was beginning to be a thing. As the brands were competing to be first to advertise with a well-equipped marketing partner, the agency world was woefully unprepared to help. Each creative agency was specialized—they centered around promoting or strategy or design or content creation or whatever. What was evident to us in those days was that developing brands didn’t require help with only a specific something. They needed an advertising agency that could do everything—like a showcasing Swiss Army knife (however less pointy). So that’s why we built Maverick. To enable these challengers to construct ground-breaking, vital, very much cherished brands at speed. We believe the best brands tell stories, that is why we partner with our clients to create impressive work that not only represents their business but also connects them with people emotionally. Through strategy, design, content, and technology, we bring brands to life. We create, compose and produce high-class branded content, established in deep strategic insights, that convey results and build brand value. As a creative agency, we are project-based and go about as both creative partner + production company, making sure about efficiencies and a lean model, all while conveying newsworthy results.