Packaging Design

What is Packaging Design?

Packaging Design is the visual identity of your brand’s product meant for holding the product inside. It is the process of designing product packaging to contain, identify, and deliver the product securely. As a creative design agency, we design packaging that is elegant, opulent, and pleasing to the eye.

Importance of Packaging Design:

Your packaging design is an element of your marketing strategy. It communicates your brand’s identity, appeals to a well-defined buyer persona, and promote your product’s unique selling point. However, evoking emotion in packaging design is the key, as it is the most natural medium to make customers care about a product they haven’t bought.

How we do packaging design?

We adopt modern design trends, which is a bold and more progressive expression to connect with consumers. We create a design system reflecting a fresh modern look and feel integrating more vibrant colors to align with perceptions of trust and innovation. Bringing forward the younger design aesthetics, we deliver a higher perceived value to the brand.

Product Design

What is Product Design?

Product design is about developing products that meet your consumers’ needs through data analysis, business strategy, user research, user experience design, user interface design, motion design, mockups, and prototypes. Our team is all equipped with problem-solving and design thinking, which is part of the product design process.

The Product Design process we follow:

  • We start with defining the product vision and strategy which sets the direction and guides the product development team understanding what we are trying to build and why. Vision helps us stay clear and focused on crafting the product.
  • We define value proposition which maps out the critical aspects of the product: what it is, who it is for, when, and where it will be used.
  • Once the product vision and value proposition are defined, we dedicate ourselves to product research, including user and market research, to build a strong foundation for great design.
  • After research, comes the analysis phase where our product team draws insights from the data collected. They capture relevant details and organize and make inferences about what users want, think, or need, subsequently helping UX designers build the design ecosystem according to the product design vision.
  • Then comes the ideation part where team members brainstorm on a range of creative ideas that address the project goals. The product team uses different techniques for ideation like sketching and storyboarding which helps them visualize how the design will look like and the overall interaction with the product. We build excellent prototypes that give the exact look and feel of the product.
  • After the ideation phase, the product team develops a clear understanding of what they want to design. During the design phase, the product team begins to create a solution to solve your problem and implement concepts.
  • Then Testing and validation start as the high-fidelity design is fleshed out. It helps the product team to ensure the design concept works as intended.

Label Design

What is Label Design?

Label design is a visual to highlight a product’s details uniquely. While an ordinary-looking label gives legal information about the product, such as its date of manufacturing and ingredients used, a uniquely created label is an engaging design that can help draw the attention of potential customers. Such a creative label design builds a real brand identity while conveying your brand’s message by using colors, fonts, etc. with a purpose.

What is the importance of Label Design:

A label provides details of a product such as its manufacturer, manufacturing and expiry date, guidelines for use, ingredients, warnings, etc. It helps your customers in making an informed buying decision. However, a creative label design does much more than just delivering legal information. If strategically designed, a label can be your effective sales pitch to your target customers. Unique label design with the right format and material can distinguish the product’s quality from many similar products in markets. So, a label design promotes your products, creates a vibrant brand identity, and makes them stand out on a shelf.

  • Creative design agency like us delivers appealing custom label design at an affordable price! Bottle, box, or pouch —whatever your need may be, Maverick has a pool of highly skilled graphic designers who deliver unique and compelling label design that leave a lasting impression on the clients. So if there’s a need, feel free to talk to us!

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