Smart Phone Brand, Taiwan


2011 – Active

  • Print Ad Campaigns
  • Outodoor Campaigns
  • Point of Sales Communication
  • Exhibiton Design
  • Event Design and Collaterals
  • Digital Creative Campaigns
  • Product Launch Campaign
  • Product Packaging
  • Innovative Campaigns

HTC (High Tech Computer) is a flagship smartphone brand. Maverick India, a creative agency in Delhi, approached them to help position the brand in India.

To engage with its target audience more deeply and to enhance their relationship with the brand in India, Maverick Innovations helped HTC with positioning the brand strategically.

The Pursuit of Brilliance!

HTC takes an extensive approach to serve society and make life better through leading innovation in smart mobile devices and experience design. Maverick India skillfully captured the essence of expression “pursuit of brilliance” and delivered progressive, classic, visually appealing designs and effective brand communication.

What Did We Deliver?

We proposed an immersive experience, adding meaning and substance to the brand’s progressive atmosphere. The work was handled exceptionally well by the talented Maverickans who put their heart and soul in crafting the content strategy, ideation, and concept development for both the Indian and South-Asian market.