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Each brand has a story to tell. Packaging design is the visual identity of a brand and its products. It allows a brand to tell a story through its product. The right kind of packaging designs deliver the right message and help users understand the positioning of a brand. It refers to the exteriors of a product including packaging material, shape, fonts, graphics, and colours.

Packaging design is an essential marketing strategy. A product must be packaged in a way that it grabs your target’s attention, creates a brand identity and promotes a unique selling point for the product. Evoking emotions through packaging designs, devising a desire in the audience’s mind to want to buy the product, eventually boosting sales is a key to excellent packaging ideas. Specialists at Maverick Chennai, India delivers excellence through exquisite designs that align and create a unique brand identity.

Why Maverick Chennai, India?

Maverick based in Chennai, India believes that the packaging designs add as much value to a brand as much the product itself. We combine modern technology and innovation with fresh aesthetics. We adopt ideas, designs, and expressions that connect to the audience and deliver the best story about the product. Playing with vibrant colours, bold fonts, and secure packaging is what makes us special. We create a packaging design frame reflecting a fresh modern look and feel integrating more spirited colours to align with perceptions of trust and innovation.

Product Design

The first impression is the last impression. The consumer’s first sight is the packaging design of the product which must be convincing enough for him/her to buy it. Product design is about developing products that meet your consumers’ needs through data analysis, business strategy, user research, user experience design, user interface design, motion design, mockups, and prototypes. Your product packaging must include all relevant information about the product and must account for the brand positioning, price, etc. Our team at Maverick Chennai, India is highly equipped with the right knowledge, imagination and technology to bring the best on the table for your brand and its packaging designing.

Why Us?

Maverick based in Chennai, India understands how important packaging design is in adding value to a brand. We begin by setting a vision and a strategy that helps in understanding what we are trying to build. Vision crafts a clear understanding of brand positioning. Defining the critical aspects of the product, we try to answer questions like what it is, who it is for, when, and where it will be used. We have an efficient market research team to research and build a strong foundation for the product packaging process. They capture relevant details and organize and make inferences about what users want, think, or need, subsequently helping UX designers build the design ecosystem according to the product design vision. Our ideation team brainstorms with ideas that help the brand stand out, delivering its story. Ideas that are creative and align with your brand positioning make their way to our design team. The packaging designs are designed, tested and validated, making sure the brand adequately tells its story and rightly captures the consumer’s mind.

Label Design

Label design is a visual that provides all the relevant details about the product that the user is supposed to know. It must contain all the legal information like the date of manufacturing, ingredients, MRP, bar code, etc. It helps your customers in making an informed buying decision. However, a creative label design does much more than just delivering legal information. If strategically designed, a label can be your effective sales pitch to your target customers. This ordinary looking information must be designed in an extraordinary way so that it grasps the potential user’s attention. Maverick at Chennai, India aces in serving creative label designs that flirt with fonts, designs, graphics and colours.

Why Us?

Based in Chennai, India, Maverick is a creative agency delivering the best packaging designs since 2005. We understand that a unique packaging design with relevant details and quality material helps the consumer to distinguish your brand from the thousand different brands in the market. Maverick Chennai, India has a team of highly skilled graphic designers who deliver unique and compelling label designs that leave a lasting impression on the clients, wanting them to choose your brand over other similar brands. We create bold brand packaging and vibrant brand identity, making a product a brand in itself.

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